How to Prepare for a Crisis when Traveling

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How to Prepare for a Crisis when Traveling

Even with extensive planning, a crisis can happen when you travel abroad. Therefore, it’s important to prepare for any eventuality when you travel to a foreign country. I spoke to a friend that does alot of traveling every year to help create a guide. The info is below, but if you ever in Texas and want to meet up with my buddy, check out his glass repair business while in San Antonio Texas. This is the name of the shop Glass Dawg of San Antonio

Here is a guide on how to prepare for a crisis when traveling overseas:

Create a Plan

Take time to know the items that you need to travel abroad and handle a crisis that might happen. Pack them to avoid trouble in a foreign country. This is particularly important if you have a medical condition and you might need medical items like a breather. Also plan how you will seek help in case of a crisis. This includes finding out who you can contact when you need assistance in a foreign country.

Inform Your Country about Your Travel

Register at your country’s embassy in your travel destination. This is very important and it enables your country to know that you are there. If you have relatives in your destination country, let them know that you will be traveling there. Your embassy will notify you in case your country issues travel advisory or travel alerts.

Gather General Information

When you arrive in a foreign country, what seems normal can be different. Therefore, record general information somewhere or memorize it. This includes important contact information and addresses. This will make reaching and using the information easier in case of a crisis.

Use State Resources

Before you travel, find out how your country can help you in the event of a crisis. For instance, what role can your country play to ensure your safe evacuation? How can you receive information from your country during a crisis? Who can you contact if you need help from your country during a crisis?

Basically, most countries have ways of helping their citizens during crisis in foreign countries. Preparing for a crisis when traveling abroad will enable you to seek help with ease whenever you travel.

How Travel Will Make You an Awesome Person

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Travel can make anybody awesome. When you travel, you realize that you come back better than you were when leaving. That’s because traveling gives you a chance to escape from your routine. Here are some of the ways via which travel will make you an awesome individual.

Become More Social

When you travel, you become better at mingling and making friends. That’s because if you don’t, you end up being alone on the road. Travel teaches you to make friends from strangers. It makes you more comfortable about talking to strangers. When starting out, you may feel uncomfortable when talking to people that you don’t know. You will be an introvert. However, you will eventually be happier and comfortable talking to strangers. In fact, you will eventually be talking to strangers like people you have known for years.

Travel Improves Conversation

Apart from making you comfortable when talking to total strangers, traveling will make you better at doing it. After traveling for some time, you won’t care about the destinations of the people that you meet, their home countries, and the duration for which they have been travelers. Such topics won’t help you know the other person better. Traveling teaches you to engage in smart talks and ask more interesting questions.

Travel Makes You More Confident

When you travel you do many things. For instance, you dine and wine with beautiful people. You hang out with people that you know nothing about. Such things enable you to know your abilities. When you accomplish more things when traveling, you feel more confident. You realize that you are capable of accomplishing more than you think.

Travel Makes You More Adaptable

When you travel, you deal with things like slow buses, missed flights, delays, wrong turns, and bad food among others. After traveling for some time, you learn the best ways to adapt your travel plans to suit different situations. Thus, you don’t end up getting mad if things don’t turn out as expected. You simply make changes to your plans and move on.

You Become More Adventurous

Since travel makes you more confident, it enables you to do anything. You get the confidence to try out anything. After all, your life won’t have a purpose if you don’t take a break from the routine.

Travel Makes You More Easy-Going

You are likely to make mistakes along the way but that’s acceptable when traveling. Making mistakes will make you a more relaxed and easy-going person. You will make errors but still move with the flow. That’s because you learn a lot when you travel. You realize that you don’t have a reason to stress yourself over anything.

Travel Makes You Sexier

That’s right. Routines will most likely stress you. And stress is one of the causes of quick aging. When you travel, you enjoy carefree and more relaxing days. These will make you more radiant and confident. They will slow down your aging process. Thus, you will look sexier and young upon your return from the trip.

Generally, traveling will make you more confident, relaxed, sexier, and happier. These are some of the qualities of successful people. So, to become an awesome person, travel more often.  


How Travel Changes the World

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The news seems to portray the world as a bad place to live. The bad news that you watch every day can dampen your spirit of the world. Climate change, economic problems, poverty, terrorism, and disease are some of the things that make human worries endless. In fact, watching the news makes the future seem completely uncertain. Is the world becoming uninhabitable? Will the world have enough resources and water to sustain humans in the future? Which is the next target for terrorists?

Nevertheless, when you travel the world you become more optimistic. You stop being worried and asking such questions and lead a positive life. That’s because travel is at the core of globalization. And globalization is a strong force that keeps people together. It changes how people perceive the world.

Travel Brings People Together

When you travel, you meet people that you may have developed a bad perception towards after watching bad news about their countries. Travel brings you closer to such people. It enables you to interact with more people thereby making archaic notions regarding your differences obsolete.

Travel Brings Exposure

When you travel, you expose yourself to new cultures, new people, and new ideas. This enables you to understand different people and their culture. Traveling enables you to realize that the people you read about or watch in the news have problems.

Travel Highlights Both Similarities and Differences

When you travel the world, you realize that human cultures have minor differences. People from different parts of the globe have dreams and hopes. They all want to work and enjoy a safe, happy life. They also want to love and be loved. Ideologies and places do not limit these ideals. Thus, travel enables you to learn this as well as understand and appreciate other people better.

Basically, travel changes people and the world. When you travel more, you won’t look at the world and life the same way. You appreciate other people and life. That’s how travel changes the world.

How to Travel Almost for Free

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You don’t have to win a lottery to travel the world. There are many ways via which you can travel almost for free. Here are some of them.

Use a Credit Card with Travel Rewards

If you have a credit card that provides travel rewards, work towards accumulating points in the card. In fact, if you are not doing that, you are throwing away precious free flights. You might opt to stockpile miles on the card of one airline so that you can get perks for being the preferred customers. However, there are cards that allow you more freedom when it comes to booking your flights. That means you can redeem points on any airline.

Get a Travel Gift Card

Is it your birthday or graduation? Or, are you used t o receiving Christmas gifts? Well, next time ask family members to get you gift cards from a travel website. It is possible to get “flight hours” or even a gift certificate from Airbnb. Such gifts mean reducing the unwanted clutter in your home and getting money that will fund your next trip.


There are organizations that allow people to volunteer and travel the world while working with them. Such organizations provide free accommodation, paid travels, free foods, and a learning opportunity.

Teach English

If you have some months or years, you can be paid to travel and teach English in a foreign country. However, it is recommended that you take time to prepare for this job. You also need basic skills and the desire to spend time with pupils.

Basically, these are some of the best ways to travel almost free. However, you need some money when traveling because there are places where you don’t know what will happen next. Therefore, conduct some research on your travel destination carefully and make appropriate financial preparations.  

This link doesn;t promote nothing free but it does give you a good source of travel options, check it out, its one of my select sites I like to use.


Things that you should not do in The Netherlands

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There are a couple of things in the Netherlands that are really great to see. And, there are so many things that you can do and experience. However, there are also somethings that you should not do when you are in the Netherlands. This can get you into serious trouble, or you are going to regret your decision. These are some of the things that you should not do in the Netherlands.

Going back home without eating any cheese

For sure. You can’t go back home without eating any cheese that is made in Netherland. This country is famous for their cheese eating and you will regret it when you are going home and you didn’t try any cheese.

Netherland is a dream destination for cheese lovers. There are so many cheeses that you can pick and choose each and every day.

Taking a photo in the red light district in Amsterdam

This is something serious that you should remember. If you are in Amsterdam in the red light district, then you should make sure that you don’t look like a tourist and taking any photos.

This isn’t the safest neighborhood and should be avoided. Especially if you are a tourist. Anywhere else in Amsterdam and in Netherland, you can be a tourist, but not in the red light district. There you might not be safe.

Renting a car to see attractions

Renting a car in the Netherlands, especially the big cities are going to be stupid. Not only renting a car really expensive because they aren’t getting used a lot, but you actually don’t need to have a vehicle.

Most people, tourists included are renting bicycles and using this to get around. This is a great and clean way of transportation, and you will be able to find everything within your reach. You don’t need to hire a rented car instead of saving money and renting a bike.

Buy drugs on the streets

Buying drugs is everywhere illegal. However, they are really serious about drugs and buying drugs on the street. This is normally the place where addicts are buying their drugs from. Street corners. However, this isn’t recommended. Their drugs are super unsafe and you will land in the hospital when you are buying it on street corners.

You will be surprised that you might find some weed in the shops. But, buying them in the streets are basically a death wish.

The Netherlands can be a great tourist destination that you can visit. However, there are a couple of things that you aren’t allowed to do when you are touring the Netherlands. By knowing these rules and regulations, you will make sure that you are going to have the best possible experience, and enjoying the Netherlands and their big cities.