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Tips for Traveling on Your Period

Posted on 29 November 2019 by (0)

Traveling is an exciting experience that not even your periods should deter you from taking part in. Menstrual flow only shows that you are in great shape and health to travel. However, periods can make you feel a little discomfort when traveling. The following tips can help you to easily avoid any element of discomfort and inconvenience when traveling on your period. 

Know Your Cycle in Advance

Indeed, periods can sometimes be unpredictable but, there are also various ways that you can pursue to know exactly when the flow will occur.  Once you determine the dates when your menstruation will start and end, check the travel dates too. That will ensure that you are well prepared for the periods in case they start during the trip. 

Pack a Period Kit 

If your periods are likely to occur while on the road, it is advisable to bring along everything that you will need. Apart from just the flow, various common symptoms also come with menstruation like cramps, headaches, and others. Although you can buy tampons and painkillers at some destinations, others may not readily have all the items that you need. For convenience, carry your own set of pads, tampons, pain relievers, and other period supplies. You may also want to consider period underwear or menstrual cup to save space. 

Try to Keep Your Regular Routine 

While traveling will distance you from your normal schedules, periods impact hormonal changes that can cause significant discomfort if you overindulge. In case you are planning to enjoy the local cuisines at your destination, plan the meals just around the same time that you normally eat. For regular gym visitors, make sure that you also stay active during the trip. 

Drink Enough Water 

The body gets dehydrated faster whenever you are traveling and menstrual flow is also exhausting. To keep the body hydrated and relaxed, you should carry a water bottle and drink as plenty as you can along the road. 

Traveling does not have any effect on your menstruation but, periods can make the adventure a bit stressful. The above tips will help you to plan properly and avoid the common fears of traveling on your period.