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Traveling with Allergies and Asthma

Posted on 06 April 2019 by (0)

If you have allergies or asthma and you want to travel by train or plane, you need to plan ahead. Allergies and asthma flare ups can ruin your adventure. The CDC reports that over 26 million Americans suffer from allergies and asthmas. The kind of life that these people live is largely dependent on their environments. When traveling, your environments can keep changing. Here are tips to help you travel with allergies and asthma.

Plan Ahead

It’s important that you prepare before the trip. For instance, get all the medications you need to travel safely. Your preparation may include refilling prescription medication, creating the list of medications, medical conditions, and getting immunization. Also call your airline to explain your condition. When using your car to travel, have it serviced by replacing air filters and cleaning its air conditioning and ventilating system.

Additionally, make arrangement for your accommodation. When staying in a hotel, request for a non-smoking, pet-free, and mold-free hotel room. Also ask whether you can get an allergy-friendly room.

Packing for the Trip

Don’t forget to pack medications with original labels. Also bring your back up medicines. Additionally, carry self-injectable epinephrine if you suffer from insect sting or food allergy. Also pack a health insurance card as well as a list of your medical condition. Include asthma equipment, wipes, and mask. Essentially, make sure that you have packed everything you will need to enjoy the trip safely and comfortably.

During the Trip

When traveling, make sure that you have emergency medicines near you. Also know where to get help in case of an allergic reaction or asthma attack. Avoid exposure to allergy or asthma triggers. When traveling by train or plane, let attendants know about your condition and how they can help you in case of an asthmatic attack or allergy flare up.

Traveling is a fan activity for most people. However, allergies and asthma make some people afraid of traveling. If you are an allergy or asthma sufferer, follow these tips to travel to your preferred destination with ease.